With Roam@Home you can take your CALL HOME number with you when you travel to Zimbabwe, and the roaming fees are priced to make this an attractive option for you. Roam@Home
Roam@Home Options

Roam@Home is available in 2 versions

1. SMS Only Roaming
SMS roaming allows you to send and receive SMS ONLY.  This means that you can be connected to your loved ones in South Africa in the most cost effective manner.  You do not pay to receive SMS whilst roaming. SMS roaming is cost effective when you have short bursts of information to share but remember, if you end up having an extended conversation including many SMS, it will drive the cost higher
To activate SMS Only Roaming dial *106*1# before leaving Mzansi’s borders
2. Voice and SMS Roaming
  • Voice and SMS roaming allows you to make and receive calls whilst in Zimbabwe.  The main thing to note with voice and SMS roaming is that you pay to RECEIVE calls.  This is because the person calling you is dialling a South African number and may not know that you are out of the country.  It wouldn’t be fair to make them pay for an international call they don’t know they are making.  The call charge is therefore passed to you as you know you are out of the country.
  • - To activate Voice and SMS Roaming dial *106*2# (TBC) before leaving Mzansi's borders
3. To cancel roaming dial *106*3#

Roam@Home Tariffs

  Retail incl VAT Unit Increment
Local Call R 3.00 Minute 60:60
Call Home Cell C R 3.00 Minute 60:60
Call to SA R 3.00 Minute 60:60
International Calls R 10.00 Minute 60:60
Receiving Calls R 3.00 Minute 60:60
SMS R 1.50 per SMS per SMS
Receiving SMS Free per SMS per SMS
Data R 1.50 per MB per 10kb

Roam@Home Rules and Tips

2. You can only use Cell C Airtime to make calls. You need to ensure you have sufficient airtime before you leave the country. This is possible in two ways
a. Load up before crossing the border
  - With this option you need to buy and load as much airtime as you think you will need before leaving South Africa. However if you are new to roaming and don’t fully understand how the charging works, there is a chance you could use all your Airtime by mistake and be left stranded without connectivity
b. Stock up on Vouchers:
  - With this option you buy the Airtime you think you will need for the trip in small denomination vouchers. Carry the vouchers with you and load them as you need them. At least this way, if you do make a mistake through lack of understanding, you will not lose all your airtime and can still be connected on your terms. But remember your vouchers are as good as cash so ensure you keep them stored somewhere safe
c. Remember that people may not know you are not in SA. Therefore if you receive a call from a number you’re not expecting rather you reject the call. However, you need to remember that if your voicemail box is set to divert ‘When no Answer’ it means that rejected calls will go to Voicemail and you will still be charged. To avoid unnecessary charges, deactivate your voicemail before leaving SA by dialling ##002#.
  - You can reactivate it when you return by dialling **002*08414(last 9 digits of your phone number)#
d. If you are registered for EcoCash and wish to access your EcoCash wallet when in Zim, you need to at least activate SMS Only Roaming before leaving SA.